Schools Event

15th August 2022.

Venue: Braeburn School – Garden Estate

October is the This years Global Dyslexia Awareness month, we are excited to make Go Red for Dyslexia 2022 bigger and brighter than ever before and we need your help. 

We invite you to join the Go Red for Dyslexia Global Movement to reclaim the meaning of Red and create awareness about dyslexia and other neurodiversity this October.

How your school can get involved:

  • Start a conversation about dyslexia and how to include the learning with dyslexia in class
  • Set a day in the month when to talk about dyslexia and other hidden learning difficulties
  • Invite an expert (DOK) to talk about dyslexia to teachers and learners during the dyslexia day in school and conduct free screening for identified learners.
  • Red-themed day – Wear Red for a day(s).  Red is the Dyslexia theme colour. DOK has Red T.shirts and Hoods with Dyslexia Logo on sale (funds raised support the organisation)
  • A Poem with dyslexia/hidden learning difficulties message
  • Other activities, painting, reading,
  • Take photos and video of your dyslexia awareness event and share with us.

You could also consider participating in our other Dyslexia Awareness Events as shown in the calendar of events below.

Thursday 7th October 2022 – Dyslexia Light it Red –

Saturday 8th  October 2022 – Teachers Workshop (Physical) at Tangaza University College.

Saturday 29th October 2022 – Ngong Hill Hike.

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