One on one Tuition

Is your child lagging in his/her class? We offer specialist tuition for children and teenagers who lag in academics. The session is specifically designed to address the individual needs of the learner. It may include work on basic literacy and numeracy, reinforcement of topics causing difficulties at school and study skills. It is conducted in a one-on-one setting.

A good tutor can help someone with dyslexia to develop their skills and their self-esteem. One-to-one sessions can be tailored to each individual’s needs and pace of work. Sessions can be focused on the specific areas where the individual is currently struggling.

The time, duration, frequency and location of tutorial sessions is agreed between client and teacher. Tutorials are paid for by the client directly to the tutor.

Tuition is usually given for one hour per week after school hours. Classes should be paid for in advance and missed classes are charged for unless sufficient notice is given.

Please contact our Information Office at including the following information:

  • What county you are in,
  • If you are seeking tuition for an adult, or a primary or second-level student,

Curriculum-Based Remediation

The highlight of this programme is that it provides a strong link between the curriculum and remediation, all the while keeping in mind the child’s learning differences. The focus is on the strengths of the learner as the curriculum is explored.

  • Bridging remediation and curriculum
  • Choosing the remediation techniques based on the learner’s strengths
  • Extending the strategies and effectively adapting them to curriculum
  • One on one sessions that encourage problem-solving
  • An explorative, creative and joyful way of learning that boosts the self-confidence of the child in the classroom.
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