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Courses & Workshops

Join trainings, workshops and conference aimed at increasing dyslexia awareness and supporting children with dyslexia. In collaboration with Tangaza University College we source experts and trainers from across board to facilitate the courses. The trainings target teachers, parents and anyone who wish to understand dyslexia. We run the training online (virtual), and physical in different locations, in response to demand.

i. Parents Awareness
Are you a parent who do not understand why your child is lagging in class?
Join our parent’s awareness course and learn more

  • What is dyslexia?
  • Early Intervention and Assessment
  • How to identify dyslexia
  • Advocating for your child
  • Strategies in school and at home

We aim

  • To give parents overview of dyslexia and other learning difficulties in CBC curriculum
  • Provide parents with key information how to advocate for their children
  • Equip parents with practical strategies to implement at home

ii) Teachers Courses
Do you wonder why some children in your class struggle with learning even when they do not show any explainable reasons? Are you looking for new ways to help those struggling in your class? Do you understand hidden learning difficulties?
The teacher training is aimed at helping teachers:

  • Understand children who learn differently in class,
  • Inclusive strategies for all learners,
  • Teaching methods (structured literacy)
  • Understand dyslexia, how to identify (at various levels) and how children with dyslexia can be supported in classroom and school

Planned for teachers interested in continuous development at all levels. Course Certificates are awarded upon of the 4 days course.

iii) Me and Dyslexia workshop
Have you always wondered why grasping learning concepts has been so hard for you? This workshop aims at helping you understand

  • Learning difficulties and what causes it
  • How to boost your self-esteem by identifying your strengths
  • How to advocate for yourself
  • How to build resilience
  • Network with others
  • Help identify skill needed for personal development

iv) Dyslexia and mental health workshop


Not being understood, the labeling, neglect and the stigma that comes with being ‘a slow leaner’ can drive anyone crazy. Children with dyslexia face higher rates of anxiety and depression because of the way it impacts on their daily activities, education, career and wellbeing. Dyslexia can mess with one’s mental health.

This workshop is aimed to:

  • Explain Dyslexia – what it means and how it affects individual’s mental health.
  • Discuss the psychological/psychosocial effect of dyslexia
  • Help parents/care givers and teachers understand their learners with learning difficulties to avoid what can cause anxiety and depression
  • Share coping mechanisms from successful people who have dyslexia
  • Boosting self-esteem

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