Advocacy is critical to ensuring those with dyslexia receive interventions and accommodations that are required. This is achieved through: –

Dyslexia Awareness Month

October is the Global Dyslexia Awareness Month. This is an annual opportunity to put dyslexia on the platform.

Go Red for Dyslexia

DOK is a member of the Go Red for Dyslexia movement. The movement aims to change the narrative for people with dyslexia and low literacy – end stigma, unveil the amazing side of dyslexia, and reduce the suffering, abuse, and neglect children with dyslexia go through in class. During the Go Red For Dyslexia Movement we light Red a building overnight and by doing so, call to all teachers who use a red pen to mark the work of a child with dyslexia to be mindful of the impact left on the child.

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    A hike with a difference

    Ngong Hill Hike is the DOK signature Dyslexia Awareness Annual Event. We leave a mark wherever we go, as we hike we plant trees. We give children the opportunity to be recognized for a positive thing. As the children plant trees, they learn the importance of environmental conservation. We aspire to ‘own’ a piece of Ngong Forest.

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