Dyslexia Organization of Kenya is the primary body tasked with the responsibility of creating awareness of Dyslexia in Kenya.

Dyslexia affects about 10% of Kenyan students. These students are often stigmatized for being ‘slow learners.’ But unknown to many, these students are not slow learners but different learners. They need a different and customized approach to learn. Examples of successful people in the world who had dyslexia include Albert Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill, and Sir Richard Branson. Clearly, these people aren’t/weren’t slow and went on to do great things despite their learning difficulties.

But unfortunately, not many people know this. And these students go through many challenges in schools. The result is their self-esteem takes a dip; they drop out of school, turn to drugs and get involved in early marriages.

To help give them hope and a feeling of belonging, we have a mentorship program for these children. In the program, they get the opportunity to network with successful people who have beaten the odds and succeeded despite having dyslexia.

If you have a child or a friend who might benefit from this program, feel free to get in touch.