Be a TeamDyslexiaKenya member. We share our activities, plans, events and fun dyslexia awareness campaigns. Other benefits include reduced rates for assessment, screening and some training events for the school members. Members also get opportunity to contribute to our regular eNewletters. The membership fee is our source of funding to our current activities and operations. It is also our strengths in advocating for children with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

Individual/Advocacy Membership – 1000

Individual/Advocacy Membership

KES 1000

This is the best membership for individuals who would like to contribute to dyslexia awareness programs and be updated with our regular events and trainings.

Institutional Membership – 5000

Institutional Membership

KES 5000

E-newsletter, Free Dyslexia Handbook, DOK Organizational Membership logo and certificate, Donations and sponsorship opportunities

Parent Membership – 1,000

Parent Membership

KES 1000

This membership is for parents who want to support their children suffering from dyslexia and would want to see them rise above the horizon.

Professional/Psychology Membership – 2000

Professional/Psychology Membership

KES 2000

Our Professional membership is strictly for Professionals who have broad knowledge in the scope of dyslexia and have good accreditation or equivalent. It is also for professionals who want their professionalism recognized in the field of dyslexia.

School Membership – 3,000

School Membership

KES 3000

This is for educational institutions and organizations that are dedicated and affable towards dyslexic people.
School Membership allows you to list your dyslexia friendly learning institution on our platform. This gives visibility to parents and individuals looking for the right school for their wards.

Teacher Membership – KES 1000

Teacher Membership

KES 1000

This is ideal for teachers who want to provide a friendlier environment for dyslexic students in Kenya and Africa at large.

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