GoRed For Dyslexia (Light_it_Red)

#GoRed For Dyslexia

Come and support Dyslexia Organisation Kenya, to fight Dyslexia in Kenya. It is the most common language-based learning difficulty, and a common cause of failure in school.

#Light It Red

Go Red is a global community of people who are passionate about dyslexia advocacy and awareness.

The Gala

Come and dine with us, and get to hear from our Dyslexia Champions. People who have made big differences in society despite being Dyslexia


We would love it if you could get on board with this global campaign and share your involvement on social media using orDyslexiaKenya.

Join Us

We encourage people in the month of October to Go Red, whether that can be changing the color of your logo, lighting a local building red, or just wearing something red.