As we create awareness on dyslexia and other learning difficulties, it has stood evident that teachers training on identification and intervention of these hidden challenges is missing.

To bridge the gap, DOK is rolling out an ECDE teachers training focused on the Competency Based Curriculum in April 2020.  In addition, the students will benefit from Dyslexia course.

We believe in step at a time

The training entails

  1. ECDE Curriculum – (KNEC) Exam Certificate and Diploma
  2. Dyslexia teachers course
    • What is dyslexia
    • Signs and symptoms of dyslexia
    • Causes of dyslexia
    • Intervention and support of learners with dyslexia
  1. Free online course – Supporting Children who learn differently – by Dyslexia International (free wifi to support doing the course will be offered)
  2. Basic computer classes to equip the students on knowledge to do the online course
  3. Orton Gillingham Programme, an explicit, direct, multi-sensory structured, phonetic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling

Target Students

  • Trained Primary school Teachers in P1 & P2
  • Form four leavers who wish to become ECDE Teacher
  • Parents who wish to learn how to teach their children at home
  • Untrained teachers
  • Social Workers and Children officers

Early identification of Dyslexia and indeed all disorders is the key to taking early intervention. Early Childhood Teachers should have the knowledge and strategies of identifying dyslexia at an early age.