Causes of Dyslexia?

What causes Dyslexia?

Primary dyslexia

This is the most common type of dyslexia, and is a dysfunction of, rather than damage to, the left side of the brain (cerebral cortex) and does not change with age. There is variability in the severity of the disability for Individuals with this type of dyslexia, and most who receive an appropriate educational intervention will be academically successful throughout their lives. Unfortunately, others continue to struggle significantly with reading, writing and spelling throughout their adult lives.

Secondary or developmental dyslexia

This type of dyslexia is caused by problems with brain development during the early stages of fetal development. Use of alcohol, cigarettes smoking certain drugs, hypertensive and diabetes during early stages of pregnancy can increase the risk of secondary dyslexia

The pattern of development that presents a word picture of a thing, a person, a situation, or a series of events.

Trauma dyslexia

This type of dyslexia usually occurs after some form of brain trauma or injury to the area of the brain that controls reading and writing.