Our Approach

In our endeavor to make dyslexia visible, we shall in the next 2 years

  1. Increase Awareness through
    • Capacity Building of teachers’ by availing researched data and teacher training material on our website
    • Collaborate with local teacher training institutes to emphasize training on early recognition and intervention of learning difficulties education of children with special needs.
    • Providing a platform where teachers and parents can engage policy and decision-makers on matters concerning
    • Documentaries- Develop, produce, edit, and exhibit documentary films based on topics related to dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties.
    • Provide a well-informed website with the latest research and scientific findings on dyslexia
    • Start an online magazine
    • Champion Dyslexia individuals- recognizing their strengths and understanding their weaknesses by Providing support and encouragement
    • Raise awareness by sharing information about dyslexia in schools, teacher training institutes, and workplaces
  2. Advocating in the best interest of the child with learning difficulties
    Cases of children with learning difficulties/dyslexia being refused to sit for the national examination in their schools have been reported.
  3. Research
    Dyslexia Organisation, Kenya supports teacher students of Special Education who seek to research dyslexia by availing the resource center for literature review. Over 20 students from the universities have benefited from our well-stocked library on Learning Difficulties.

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