Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is a dyslexia-friendly education system where all learners get the opportunity to realize their full potential regardless of their academic performance.

Our Mission:

To create and raise awareness of dyslexia and other related learning difficulties for early detection, prevention, and remediation. Facilitate an inclusive environment that accommodates children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties through knowledge sharing to have equal access to quality education. To prevent the suffering caused by reading failure and unlock the full potential of children and adults with dyslexia so that they may personally succeed and contribute to society.

Our Values

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism
  • Probity

Our Story

Dyslexia Organization, Kenya (DOK), is a non-profit NGO established and registered under the NGO Board of Kenya in 2011. Our programme mission is to create public awareness and intervention strategies for dyslexia, a learning condition that affects many school-going children in our country. Quite often the children are referred to as ‘slow learners’ or weak performers.  We believe that these are biased references of discouragement in a very competitive environment. Most of these children are the opposite; as has been proved, they are indeed gifted and talented.   This realization is the main fuel in our drive to intervene. We work closely with teachers, parents, and the ministry of education or the government.

We aim at making significant changes in the lives of children with this invisible learning difficulty by making dyslexia visible to teachers, parents, the public, and all in the education system. We bring to the fore the psychosocial and psychological issues that affect children with dyslexia in life.  We focus on sensitizing the teachers, parents, and community on the dangers of neglecting children who have challenges in academics but are gifted with other strengths.  Our training triggers interest in parents and teachers who seek to identify other strengths that can help the children become successful in life despite their academic performance.

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