What People say about Dyslexia Organization Kenya

Geoffrey Karani

Am talented in drawing and am dyslexic. At my former school, teachers and pupils were shocked to here that am in grade six and could not read nor write good spellings. Teachers used to punished me for performing below average, but this changed when I went to Raregem school. They helped me understand what dyslexia is an gave me a chance to improve without punishments. I love drawing and that is what i would like to do as my career.

Geoffrey Karani , Geoffrey Karani

Ayub Mwathi & Neema Njeri , Ayub Mwathi

Am a graduate in the field of IT and am dyslexic. My journey in school has not been smooth cause English is the language used for all subjects.In my kindergarten teachers noted that my “b” were sometimes written as “d” or vice-versa and my spellings were terrible. I was even forced to repeat class for me to have a better performance at grade three but i was good in other subject like math and science. latter I was told I am dyslexic. It being identified early helped me a lot, cause my attitude changed toward languages. But my spelling is not that 100% up-to date. In high school and university I had problems in exam writing. Am passionate with technology and have a potential to do more in this field.

Martin M Gichuki , Martin M Gichuki

Am an athlete who is dyslexic in Kenya. I learnt late, that is why I had difficulties while studying in school. I decided to do sport cause that was what I was best in. I also train upcoming athlete. I work with other people who are physically challenged and I would like to create awareness about dyslexia.

Paul Wanyoike , Paul Wanyoike

Am a 19 year old student and am dyslexic. From writing “boy” as “doy” and now am pursuing my dream course, Information Technology. The journey has not been smooth at all, discrimination from students and pressure from teachers but am glad to have reached where I am. Thanks to my mother for believing in me and my family supporting me I couldn’t be here.

Felix M Kariuki , Felix M Kariuki