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about DOK


Our vision is a dyslexia-friendly education system where all learners get the opportunity to realize their full potential regardless of their academic performance.



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about DOK
Why the programme?

We aim to:

  • Make a significant positive difference in the lives of children with dyslexia by increasing awareness of this hidden learning difficulty to the teachers, parents, and all concerned in the education system.
  • Ease the frustration and worry of parents, train the teachers who teach our children, and remove educational barriers so that all struggling readers can learn.
  • Enhancing the understanding of parents, teachers, educational authorities, and all the community members about every aspect of dyslexia to optimize dyslexic learners in achieving their full potential in life.
  • Enriching the community members with the knowledge and skills on how to recognize and handle dyslexic people at schools and workplace, through seminars, workshops, and other forums.
  • Building network with Ministry of Education, education institutions, academic researchers, local support groups, education practitioners as well as other Dyslexia Association from other countries all over the world to gain the same perception and standardized accommodation system provided for dyslexic learners.
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